"I liked almost everything in this show, but especially Tyrell Collins' exquisite, meditative oil pencil on black paper drawings made up of numerous fine lines of atmospheric color that are moving and mysterious as Vija Celmins' obsessive drawings or Mark Rothko's poignant abstract paintings."

Sacramento Bee, February 2017, Crocker Kingsley Exhibition, Blueline Gallery

"I could have done a show that was all about these drawings that are unbelievable technical feats. Like this square composition by Jacob El Hanani... Or this Bruce Conner... Or this piece on black paper by Tyrell Collins, made by swirling a colored pencil... all made out of tiny lines, so luminous."

Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Squarecylinder, August 5, 2019
Quantum Entanglement (Gray Green Triptych)
Quantum Entanglement (Gray Green Triptych), 2019, Colored pencil on black paper, 24 x 23"